The experience we offer

In a photo shoot with Paloma, you will live a whole experience before, during and after the rehearsal. It is essential that the session be respectful, safe, and welcoming and you must trust the photographer who will calm and pose your baby

It's a long journey of dedication for you to have the photos of your dreams, and I love providing every step of that experience.


Sessions we offer:

Newborn & Milestone




I usually schedule a limited amount of newborn shoots per month, so that I can have flexibility for re- scheduling, in case a baby is premature or late. It’s best to book the photo shoot around the 30th week of pregnancy. By doing this, after the baby is born, there will be nothing to worry about. 

Newborn - Up to 20- day old babies: 6 sessions per month.

Milestone - 3 to 12-month –old  babies: 8 sessions per month.

Reservation are only made after the payment of the Creative Fee.



The creative fee is charged when you book the session to block the agenda on the chosen date. This fee includes my time, my professional expertise, and all the preparation for a unique experience. It also includes: 

An initial briefing so we can hear your expectations;

Access to my collection with more than 2000 accessories, so you don't have to worry about anything;

Portrait session, in two modes (full or mini);

Selection session, where you can select your favorite images and purchase the desired photo pack.​

Creative Fee | Price

Full session | $299

2 to 3 hours of photo shoot

Photos with parents and siblings

*This creative fee DOES NOT include any digital files, print, products, or print release. Photo packages sold separately.

Mini session | $399

Up to 40-minute shoot

Baby Photos only

6 fully edited digital images

*Please note: For twins, a $100 fee is added and session time is 1 hour.

Values updated on June 12, 2021.

Digital Package

Basic Package | $950

15 fully edited images and $150 print credit

Premium Package | $1250

20 fully edited images and $200 print credit

Ultimate Package | $1750

30 fully edited images and $300 print credit

You can obtain printed photos, albums, replicas and framed pictures.